The scope of this review concerning the Iraqi Muslims of Eastern U.P. India is two fold.  

Firstly, it updates the origin and history of Iraqis by sharing recent genealogical and historical migration data that overlap the distant common Arab ancestors from Near East. Included is data from DNA Tests performed on few Iraqi individuals showing paternal lines similar to mainly Indo-European R1a1, and to some Near East J1a haplogroup. It is important to investigate whether bulk of the Iraqis of Eastern U.P. are actually connected to the proposed common Arab and Indo-Iranian ancestors as immigrants to Eastern U.P. India. 20-26 generations ago [A].

Secondly, it invites the attention of members of the Iraqi Society of Eastern U.P. with a view to characterizing individual DNA we share as a result of our growth from the recent Common ancestors under the influence of founder effect or random drift during the long 700 years. It creates an“IRAQI INDIAN GROUP ANCESTRY PROJECT” for publication of our ancestry results as needed due to lack of such effort before [B].